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We provide Pure and Natural Beekeeping Products of Chania.

We create natural products with respect for nature and tradition, providing the best quality on the market.

Produced with care for both quality and your health.

A few words about me

I earned my degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Science of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2008, after having completed secondary school in Kolymbari, Crete.

I have been dancing traditional Cretan dance since I was a child, and have been playing traditional Cretan music on the violin since the age of 14, when I began studying at the school of the late violinist Michalis Kounelis.

I was fortunate to have had the great violinist Kostas Papadakis, known as “Naftis” (“Sailor”), as a teacher, who taught me many melodies of the traditional local music.

Aside from the violin, which I occasionally play on a professional basis, I am also an amateur player of the Cretan lute (laouto), mandolin and guitar.

I was highly stimulated by rural life in the village as a child, whether collecting olives, stomping on grapes or gathering chestnuts. I also recall moving beehives at a very young age from Palaia Roumata to Floria with a certain Manolis Lionakis.

It is more likely that Manolis had brought me along for the company than for any actual help. I recall his telling me on that rough and rocky road how dangerous a profession beekeeping was, and that if an accident were to befall us and the pick-up truck turned over, we would be promptly smothered by the bees.

After having completed my compulsory military service in May of 2009, I tutored both high school and university students in mathematics, physics and chemistry, all the while working as a beekeeper on the side.

My knowledge of beekeeping improved, and my beekeeping skills were gradually honed, at the side of older and more experienced generations of beekeepers; at the same time I worked and experimented with my own hives.α.

I believe that if you truly want to expand your knowledge of something that you love doing, you can achieve it by devoting time and gaining direct experience.

Lefteris Panagiotakis